Rhythm of a Stride: Sonic Essays (2018-ongoing)

by Matilde Meireles

Optophono Edition 5

The Rhythm of a Stride: Sonic Essays is a continuously evolving digital experience. The project follows Matilde Meireles's interest to physically explore and sense space: to walk, listen, observe, and record as ways to understand places, and their potential transformation. 

The project is developed as a Progressive Web App designed to be experienced through headphones on a smartphone or tablet.


Technical Information

A Progressive Web App is a website and an app. It works on a desktop computer, but it can also be downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet for an offline experience.

It is available for Android only at present. 

iOS (Apple) expected late March 2018.



Concept, content, and design: Matilde Meireles Programming: Attila Vágó - LinkedIn and Medium
Curator: Gascia Ouzounian