Joan Baz, Public Hearing 02: dwelling on dwelling

Part 1

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English translation


First I remembered Mansion. The shapes of these blocks remind me of Mansion.

Then I remembered all the places I lived in Lebanon but the last place my memory took me to was my parent's house in Hama. (Syria)


I tried mapping the disposition of the space.


This is the door to the house.

This is the door of the guest room.

Here is the guest room.


This is a veranda and this is another veranda. That is what I am assuming.

This is what we used to call the living room. Where we used to all sit.

Here is where the guests used to stay.

They had their entrance from the living room.


Here are two bedrooms.

Here, we said is where the balconies are.

Here are two beds for me and brothers.

Here is my sister's bedroom .

Here is the hallway that separates the living room from the bedrooms.


And this ?


I think the bedroom of my mother and father. I don't know.

This is what I was able to come up with now.

This is me and my brothers’ bedroom.

This is my sister’s bedroom.

My father and mother’s bedroom - I don’t know.

Did you forget where they were?




Yes because I told you we moved a lot.

These are the images that remain with me now.

So yes, the bedroom of the mother and the father is missing.