OĀZE by Una Lee


OĀZE is an interactive sound map of an imaginary island. 

In this unnamed island the sound map offers twelve sonic fragments, each derived from a specific geographical point. These sonic fragments are linked with pieces of a narrative about a woman, who was born and raised, and who has lived her entire life on this island. She tells these fragments of stories about herself in the manner of a storybook-reading. 

You are invited to listen to her story and the sounds of her island, and to choose the order in which to experience it. You are also welcome to create your own soundscape composition by revealing the presence of the voice. This imagined sound map can become real through your visit and your time spent on it.


Hover your mouse over the icons to experience different sounding places. Click to enter a desired place. 

Once entered, move your mouse around to find the hidden spots where the mouse will disappear and voice will emanate. Create your own soundscape + voice composition by going in and out of the spot with the mouse, if you wish.

Use headphones/earphones for a better sonic experience.


Concept, visual design, sound design: Una Lee

Voice: Una Lee

Software development: Miguel Ortiz


Compatibility: Available for Mac OS

File size: 278.4 MB

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