An interactive, software-based version of Cornelius Cardew's The Great Learning 'Paragraph 7' (1968-1970). Scored for any number of untrained voices and based on the writings of Confucius, 'Paragraph 7' is notated using only verbal instructions. It was originally recorded by the Scratch Orchestra, an ensemble whose ethos of inclusiveness in musical practice profoundly influenced experimental music traditions of the late 20th century. 

In the interactive software version of this composition, each member of the choir was recorded separately. Individual voices are represented by coloured boxes. The separation of the voices allows listeners to choose which voice or voices they wish to hear at any given time.


Move individual voices around the stereo field by dragging boxes around.

Turn voices up or down using the arrow keys.

Change the colour by pressing the 'Space' bar.

Bring voices back to the middle by pressing the 'x' key.



Software design: Christopher Haworth

Concept/visual design: Gascia Ouzounian

Audio engineer: Gerard Gormley

Performers: Bird On A Wire (choir): Isobel Anderson, Rachel Anne Coulter, John D'Arcy, Emily Dedakis, Matt Green, Claire Hall, Ciara Hickey, Clara Kane, Meabh Meir, Katharine Philippa, Caroline Pugh, Matthew Rodger, Ricki O'Rawe, Gascia Ouzounian

Originally published as part of Optophono Edition I (2014)